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Abologix obtains positive pre-clinical proof-of-concept results with its monoclonal antibody H225

Geneva, Switzerland, July 24, 2019

Abologix has obtained impressive data with its anti-JAM-C recombinant monoclonal antibody rH225 in an animal Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) NOD/SCID mouse model.

In this study the efficacy of rH225 was tested by assessing:

  1. the delayed mortality upon Jeko-1 MCL cell injection and

  2. the reduction of Jeko-1 cells burden in the blood, spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow and liver

rH225 delayed significantly the body weight loss and the onset of clinical disease signs in mice inoculated with Jeko-1 MCL cells. Survival of mice was significantly improved.

Splenomegaly was observed in control antibody-treated animals, but not in rH225-treated mice, suggesting that the treatment effectively prevented spleen infiltration by Jeko-1 cells. Indeed, flow cytometry data revealed that treatment with rH225 significantly decreased the Jeko-1 burden in the spleen, liver, lymph nodes, blood and blood marrow.

“We are very pleased that antibody rH225 blocked infiltration in all lymphoid organs as well as in bone marrow. Inhibiting access of tumour cells to survival niches constitutes a potential new strategy for lymphoma treatment”.

said Prof. Beat Imhof and Prof. Thomas Matthes, scientific co-founders of Abologix.

ABOLOGIX awarded a two year Innosuisse Innovation

Geneva, Switzerland, Juy 24, 2020. Abologix has been granted a 2 year Innosuisse Innovation project in collaboration with the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG). The HUG will be the research partner


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